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November 08, 2008


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Quel bonheur de vous voir tous les 3 si heureux et quelle chance nous avons de pouvoir suivre votre périple avec votre beau blog ! Vous avez tellement bien mérité ce voyage qui va tant vous enrichir pour votre vie future avec tous les bons souvenirs et les belles images qui vont tapisser votre imaginaire et votre créativité !
"Tout ce qui est partagé est...meilleur !" Merci de tous vos partages
Maman, Belle-maman, Manou

I've just read all your entries and it sounds like you're having the most amazing time. I now want to go to all the places you've been to. We're off to Tenerife next week which isn't quite the same.... but will be extremely welcome after the current weather (cold, grey, rainy). Loving all the photos, especially Ophelia's doll riding the cat. Continue having fun Famille Summerbelle.
Love from Famille Trotland xxxx

I wish I was there. I loved time I spent in New-Zealand even if it was only 2 weeks.
Thanks a lot for sharing your worldwide trip. It's a real pleasure to read you everytime and it helps us (my Pirate & I) to draw our future worlwide trip ;)

oh, new zealand is still in my favorite top 3 countries. i lived on the south island for awhile when i was younger. and i, too, love the untouched beauty. i will keep our secret safe. keep enjoying your travels!

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