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December 01, 2008


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Je suis impressionnee par les photos d'O!!!
Elle a deja un oeil! Keep posting her pics as well pls :-)

Thought I'd check in again on your inspiring travels and saw Ophelia's photo diary, they're fantastic and great to journal these too. Well sounds like all is wonderful with you all and your places of travel, you have opened my eyes to NZ, thank you.
Enjoy, Claire
It is so cold here now keep hold of the sunshine!!

et bien Ophélia tu es une petite graine de la photographie! wahou!

j'ai hâte de te voir, on fera plein de bons gâteaux ensemble..

Des bisouxx

It's a wonderful project to record what Opelia sees and what attracts
The sights of small children are different from us,
and it is interesting to see from the photos how she sees the world.
My post will be delayed for another week.

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