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September 20, 2009


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PLEASE do one of San Francisco!

are you selling the original cut pieces?

I am thrilled. You have just taken care of my Christmas gift for my sweetheart.

can't wait for this. will be buying it right away. love corina's suggestion about making it taxi cab yellow! but the blue is perfect for my daughters room which is where it will go!

ooooh so quick, and such a productive summer. I showed my husband just last week and he was quite impressed too, so London and NYC are on my wishlist for this Christmas. I have to admit I was looking forward to taxicab yellow for NYC (actually I would LOVE black on yellow) , but I will learn to live with the blue LOL!

Yaaaaaaay! A friend just sent me a link to your London and Paris maps tonight, and I asked her if there is a NY one (but she didn't know). If Paris were available in turquoise, I might get that, but NY in blue works fabulously!

I love it! I'm definitely getting one when ti goes up on the site!

How exciting! I so want you to do one of Edinburgh though!

Wow Julie,

It looks fantastic!!!! I love your great colour choices!!

Well, you know I'm going to have to have that! Karen x

I love your work!

It looks great! Beautiful, beautiful details!

Genial, Julie. Felicitations Tabara

wonderful, as ever !!

Fabulous - I'm speechless - what wonderful detail. Night blue for me please!

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