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September 29, 2009


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very interesting. I may buy one.

Very nice make it. Looking very great.
Thanks for post.

Always nice to know how expert's would work.
Thanks for share.

These are incredible! Too bad you cant really sue them to find your way in NY- it would be nice if they would do a GPS with your design :) You should do a start up :)

they are so nice!

Hi!I'd love to have one map of my wonderfull home town, Lisbon! I hope some day...Congratulations for your fantastic work*

these maps are *incredible*... amazing work!

I'd like to buy one; it'll be always in front of my eyes and will remind me about my last trip to NY. Well...I hope I'll find some good deal on ECT (as I did last time) and visit NY next year.

San Francisco, please!!

wonderful, great idea

Any plans for Boston? I would love love love to own one of these, and having one of my fair city would make it all the more special!

could you please do an la one, it would be so amazing!

Gorgeous... my little sis used to live in NYC so I'm thinking it would make a great future present for her!

I've lived in the Portland, OR area for over 20 years, but NYC is still my hometown. I love this map! How much will they be selling for, and at which site?

I'd love to see all 3-- but it appears that your website is down! Hope to see it back up really soon!

So gorgeous! Please do Melbourne soon too! xo

Please do Sydney soon! How utterly lovely and delightful.

i LOVE this. cannot wait to order one :)

I have just discovered Famille Summerbelle...and what a find! Love your maps and can't decide which one I want in my home!

Wow, I love all your map prints, but this is my hometown so it's my favorite!

ooh...mine, mine ,mine, mine

Brilliant - looks great!

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