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June 10, 2010


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I use a paper coloured on one side and white on the other side. A rather thin paper. I draw and cut on the white side (in reverse) and when I turn the map it is on the coloured (green) side - like the photo displayed.

Do you use paper that is green on one side and blue on the other? Intrigued!

Received it in the mail a few weeks ago but finally found a place to put it! My boyfriend loves it! The details are amazing!

Wonderful - but my country, New Zealand, is not there!

I just ordered the map! Can't wait for my boyfriend to see it!

These maps are amazing.

Love it and want to get it for our sons bedroom, but my NZ husband wonders what happened to New Zealand? Is it on there, but just hard to see on the picture?

That's gorgeous Julie. Looking at the latest video too - do you cut it out in reverse? That must make it even harder!

Bravo Julie..it's beautiful, and so interesting to see the incredible work that comes behind..will put it on BozAround too very soon. sorry I could not see you at Pulse last week x


wow !!!

Et hop - voilà :

Congratulations - that's wonderful. I'll pop it on my blog too :)

extraordinaire !

Breathtakingly beautiful. Must own.

Wow it looks amazing.
I just had to share about your map on my blog.


Love it!
Will it come in different colors?

Completely amazing! I've just popped it straight on my blog.

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