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September 04, 2011


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I'm currently living in Lille for my studies (I'm French) and I LOVE this ity. Next time, you're in town you have to go to la rue Masurel for a lunch at 'tous les jours dimanche", to check out some great beauty products at "Ombres Portees" and stop for a delicious cake or Macaroon at "Patrick Hermand's"

I would LOVE to go to this! I lived in Lille for 7 months about 10 years ago, but just missed the braderie. I'll have to make a point to go back some day. If you go back, the modern art museum and surrounding park in the nearby Villeneuve d'Ascq are a great place to visit.

I went too and had such a fun time! Lovely photos especially the one of the little old cars. What did you buy?

I was there Sunday...the mussels and fries are just so great! I love the city, but I was a bit disappointed about the market. I didnt see much unique/original things, but many just shop "sales".

we were there the previous w/e and I so love the town too, so much to do and look at.

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