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November 07, 2011


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Kids will surely love doing this activity. They can use their creativity and imagination to make their dream castle.

I love this! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

So cute !!!

it's so beautiful!! i love it

these are so charming!

just caught up with your "collection" post. belated felicitations!

it's a great shop. we bought wallpaper there two years ago - pia was sooooo helpful and nice!

-Oh! I really like the work of Patrick Hruby. I was checking his work last night while writing the post about Lisa.
-I'm sure Lisa has been inspired by the work of Mary Blair on this serie of painting, the shape of the building are very similar but i think she managed to give it a more contemporary feel with her bold colours.

I love these! I thought Lisa mainly drew animals, which is not really my thing, but these definitely are. I love the bright colors. It does remind me of Patrick Hruby (http://www.patrickdrawsthings.com/), who is amazing too. Have to check out Mary Blair now...

These feel far too close to the work of Mary Blair. In Lisa's blog she mentioned how one of her favorite things is to draw medieval architecture in a mid-century style, but never states her inspiration. Her drawings border on infringement & it gives me a yucky feeling- no matter how cute they are.

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