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May 19, 2012


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that is a really lovely spiral staircase! I was always jealous of seeing them until I had a really amazing one installed in my home

Nyhavn is my favourite. I spent some of my childhood years living in Copenhagen (I'm Australian) and have such fond memories of my time there. I love that city. Thanks for sharing. Cx

Welcome to my city :) and tanks for a fine blog.
To Day three is a Royal christening, the last prinsess, you Can cach it ón All danish tv channels.
About the bikes and the aggressive locals, it it because for us it is not pleasure But the main transport choise so we are just gelting from A to B as fast as we Can :)
The weather should take a turn to Day and get Way better! (for Danish terms)
If you need som local advice just ask, But it is fun to read tourists take ón Denmark.

We spent a few days in Copenhagen last August and had a wonderful time. It's a fabulous city and we'll definitely be returning. It's so vibrant and full of creativity! We loved it. :)

Looks lovely. In fact we’ll be there in a month’s time, so this is particularly interesting. And where you’re staying looks remarkably like the road we are staying in too - next to the Botanical Gardens! How funny! Enjoy your trip :)

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