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October 30, 2012


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So unusual and effective!

I love your blog but ... I am going to give you a real parisian thought about what tourists are doing with our bridges ... that Pont des Arts joke is "nice", let's say tolerated because we don't have any choice do we ? I found it weird and not that nice.
Better be crossing pont des arts while in a good mood if not I just hate how people who don't live here are destructing the city with anti freedom symbol.
That's awful and depressing all these "mini jails for heart". The total opposite of Parisian "art de vivre"

But Pont des arts is not enough to be "salopé" now you'll find those ugly stuff everywhere in the city ...

I am going to japan to destruct their architecture ? or to New york ? or wherever in the world ? We, french have a really bad reputation as tourist ... but see what tourists are doing with our city, and every parisian loves paris as if it was its own mother.
That joke was a nice one but I assure you a big majority of parisian don't like that and find it dirty. Then I wish tourists stop destructing our city, and architecture. please.

If tourists feel like sticking jail symbols somewhere I wish they just do it in their home place.

Thanks for your blog, I really love it. I am planning to buy the San Francisco map ... you are great ! Doing beautiful things and beautiful blog. Love xxx

I first noticed this trend at the grand canyon, it is spreading like wildfire. I am not sure where it originated but would love to know.

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