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February 14, 2013


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Great furniture design concepts......... Really i love it

Wow those pictures look awesome, makes me wants to redesign the interior of my house

I really love the simplicity of your overall design. I fell like it has a really clean and warming look to it, especially those chairs. Do you mind telling me where you bought them from?

I'm a very big fan of Vitra and often use in in my interior design projects. I'm also a big fan of the Eames brothers. The designs were far ahead of their time. They are also became timeless over the years. Great article on furniture design. Cheers.

Kind Regards
Bangkok, Thailand

I liked your taste. This selection of Eames chairs is wonderful. Really loved them. These modern chairs are attention grabbing! One thing that i hate a bout plastic chairs is that they break easily, otherwise today we have many options of stylish plastic chairs too.

Plastic chairs are also interesting. Especially if they are paired with the best table. Your pictures are very helpful to understand the greatness of plastic chairs. Thank you.

Very nice!This place is so cute I love it!

Absolutley love the desk hidden in the cupboard, its the perfect space saving idea....

Love them ! Have the wooden legs in black for the dining table, the armchair with wooden legs in white for my dressing corner in my bedroom and a RAR in red in our living room!

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