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June 11, 2013


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Coffee, definitely! I LOVE the New York one, I will take that one please! You know, I am going to start doing that. First thing in the morning have my double espresso coffee and then the rest of the day tea or I have taken a serious liking to carrot juice, which I can still drink in a coffee cup ;). @Deb Baker ditto, no small cups here!

loveliness! will have to wander up to the studio next time i'm in london. i'm married to a brit but he has coffee in the a.m., mine is proper english tea but strong, strong and no milk or sugar. love the mariage freres green tea w/ is it lemongrass? i'm sure the earl grey is delish.

i understand about the square red eyes too. hope you give them lots of soothing tea compresses too!

Such lovely mugs. I am a tea drinker and I love to drink different varieties all day long - especially out of a mug! No small cups for me.

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