New Book! Schooljarenboek

I’m so proud to present the SCHOOLJARENBOEK that I illustrated and made together with my beautiful friend Esther van de Paal along with our fantastic Dutch publisher Snor and talented Studio Fabienne for the book layout!


You will love this book as finally you will be able to keep in one place your child annual school photos and memories from nursery until their final school year!


Each year together with your child, write down key events of their school year, answer the fun questions adapted to each class level and stick their class photos, portraits and drawings.



Colourful stickers are provided to stick their class photos, portraits and drawings.

You can purchase the Schooljarenboek here (In Dutch language for now!)


Esther van de Paal, concept and author and I! This is the second book we collaborated on. It is always so much fun to work together with our Dutch publisher Snor on project like these.
Our previous book Vriedenboek (Friends book) is still a best seller in the Netherlands!


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