Valentine's Day Pop Up Card - DIY!


Since most of us are in lockdown and cannot hug our dearest friends and family, I thought it would be nice to make something for them to show our appreciation and love.

I illustrated this pop up card for you to print and make at home. It’s a fun activity to make in the evening (instead of watching Netflix!) or during the day with your children.
I made a card with my son Téo (aged 5) and we sent it to his grandmother. She has already received it and I can’t tell you how happy she was to receive this colourful pop up card in the mail!

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B. Check your email
C. Download and print the .pdf document. It includes 3 pages: one with the colourful illustrations to cut, two with triangles to cut and fold.


To start you will need:

- 2 x white A4 sheets. Make sure the paper weight is a minimum of 120 gsm (I recommend 150gsm)
- 1 x coloured A4 sheet for the card cover
- A pair of scissors and/or a scalpel with sharp blades (recommended)
- A cutting board if you will cut the illustrations with a scalpel
- Glue

1. Print the documents. We will start by folding the pop up card with the triangles:
Fold the A4 sheet in half, with scissors cut the two long dotted lines on the bottom of the two large triangles.


2.As seen on the photo, fold the large triangles towards the middle of the sheet. Repeat on both sides, press hard on the fold. Unfold the triangles.

3.Open the A4 sheet and pull towards you from the middle of the bottom of the large triangles. Leave them folded on the inside of the sheet.

4.Cut the small dotted lines of the small triangles and fold as seen on the photo.
Unfold them and open the A4 sheet flat.

5. This is the trickiest part! Gently close the A4 sheet and pull towards you the folds in the middle of the large triangles and at the same time of the small triangles. Press them folded while your close the A4 sheet.
You should now open and close the A4 sheet with the large and small triangles opening up in 3 dimensions!
Leave on the side while we are cutting the illustrations.
Open again and do the same with the small triangles. Now, you should be able to open and close the A4 sheet and see the large and small triangles folding on the inside as you close the A4 sheet

6. Make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee, grab a sharp scalpel or scissors and start cutting the leaves, flowers and bird. Little ones will need help cutting these shapes!

7.Once all the illustrations are cut, start to glue the different parts on the folds.
You can glue the word LOVE on the top triangle.
Have fun composing your page with the leaves and flowers.
Open and close the A4 sheet as you add each elements to make sure they fold nicely together.



9.Once all the flowers and leaves are glued and dried it's time to make the cover of your card. You can use a coloured A4 sheet and add to the front a fun title or some cut outs. Make sure to only glue the parts that are not folded.

10.Now choose a pretty envelop and send it to someone that you haven't seen for a while to show them your love and how much you miss them!

I hope you have enjoyed making your pop up card!
It would make me so happy to see your cards. Please share your creations on Instagram @famillesummerbelle #famillesummerbelle
Or leave me a comment below, i'd love to hear your thoughts about this printable and tutorial.
If it is something you'd like me to do more often, let me know!

Happy Valentines and Galentines!

Julie x

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